Hello my dear friends and fans,

I am happy you are here to enjoy my music, movies & more! I love that you want to know more about me. I am a pop music recording artist for THUMP Records/Universal Music Group. Yes, I co-write all my songs. I am Italian and Polish, and I lived in Italy until the age of four when my family moved to the United States. I was raised in Michigan. My parents are musicians and music teachers. When my sisters and I were old enough, we began performing with our parent’s band at fairs, parties, and corporate events. The very first time I got on stage I was 5 years old in dance class and dance recitals. I just fell in love with the art of entertainment. I studied music, dance, & theater in school, and as soon as I graduated I flew to Los Angeles. I was really lucky to have met incredibly talented people in the industry who believed in me and helped me with my career. I got to work, started recording, making movies, starring in my tv series, and now I'm performing live concerts around the country. I will be performing a live concert or have a movie premiere in your city soon, so please email me and let me know you want to come, and I will be sure to send you an invitation to my next event. Oh, and follow me on Instagram & Twitter @jenniferdaytv and message me, so I'm sure to follow you back!